5 Different Types of Electricity Meters

appliances which may require an electricity meter

An electricity meter, solar meter, or direct current meter is a practical device which measures the quantity of electrical energy consumed in a home, a building, or an electric appliance. The quantity of energy needed to power a specific device can be determined by measuring the current consumption of that appliance at the time of the measurement. Some examples of common appliances which may require an electricity meter are television sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, security systems, and water heaters.

A second type of electricity meter is the digital kwh meter. It measures the kilowatt-hour capacity of the device which is being measured. The unit of measure for kwh is one kilowatt-hour, which is defined as one million billion (1kWh) of electricity. The units of measurement for this unit of measurement are high mega watt hours, instantaneous power, alternating current (AC), and direct current (DC). This particular kind of measurement is very useful in determining the cost of different energy sources and their environmental impact.

A third variety of electricity meter is the gas meter

It is generally installed in large power plants to determine the quantities of gas used for generating electricity. This device can measure in Wholesale Units and Specific Gross Products per Hour. The gas meters available in the market are usually used with a special device called a multi meter, which is capable of measuring the temperature of the gas used as fuel in a power plant.

Fourth variety is the digital electric meter. It comes in two types dial and non-duplex. A dial electric meter normally has two digits for reading current consumption. On the other hand, non-duplex dial meters have only a single digit for measuring the current. They come in many different colors, styles, and prices.

Lastly, there are the hybrid energy meter or smart meter

This type of meter can actually measure both the quantity of electricity and the quality. This is the most common type of energy meter that consumers purchase today. It can actually differentiate between the total quantity of electricity consumed and the quality of the energy.

Some of the most common kinds of these devices are the digital smart meters or dial meters, which can read both the quantity and the quality of electricity consumed. Another variety is the digital electronic meter or dial meter. This type of device can read the quality as well as the quantity of electricity. This kind of meter may also contain an alarm function for easy monitoring. The last type of this device is the dial-reset electronic meter. This kind of meter only requires the removal of the protective cover to read the quantity and the quality of off-peak electricity.

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