Effective Communication During A Divorce

make sure you know what professional communication is all about

Even in the best of circumstances, undergoing a divorce will be tough. There are so many emotions flying around, and just the fact that you will be separating for good will be adjusting to life changing events. And if you want to help your spouse to come to terms.

First, you have to be open and honest about how you feel. No one is looking to put a label on you or label your spouse when they read this, but it does need to be stated. If you do not communicate your feelings to your spouse, you are likely not going to feel better about the situation. If you think that your feelings are too hurtful, you may need to work on your communication skills. The easiest way to communicate your feelings is to talk with your spouse. If you don’t talk with your spouse, you will most likely feel like communicating with a stranger which will not help at all.

When you are talking to each other during the course of a divorce

So what kind of communication should you be having when you are communicating about your divorce? In reality, there is no set number of words to use, although it would help if you were using a certain amount of conversational speak. In fact, many people find that talking naturally is a good way to start off communication. Remember that communicating is two ways of getting the same thing across. So even if your spouse doesn’t understand what you are trying to say, they will feel you are being direct and that is something that they want to avoid.

Both parties need to set ground rules that will help keep communication flowing. This means you should agree on a time to speak to one another and stick to it. You also should agree on a time to send each other legal notices and information and also agree on a time to discuss matters that divide between the two of you.


There is one area that is often misunderstood in the divorce process and that is parenting time. Many people think that by communicating with each other about this, they are already saving the marriage. However, this is not true. Your parenting time is something that is decided by both of you, and the court usually accepts the best time that both parents get. It is not as easy to communicate about parenting time but by discussing it at length, your divorce attorney will know what you are wanting.

Divorce is a very emotional event and as such it will benefit to have clear communication during the whole process. However, remember that social media is not the place to air out your grievances. In the case of divorce, you will want to channel those feelings through your divorce attorney.

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