Flag Pole Tips For the Small Local Group

When shopping around for flag poles, it is important to know what to look for in the perfect poles. The first thing to consider is the material. Wood and steel are common materials for flag poles, but they must be treated to prevent rot and deterioration. Often, the poles will have rust strips along the base to prevent deterioration or rotting of the flagpole.


Sanding and Painting


Once a pole has been built, it should be maintained by regular sanding and painting. Sanding and painting of flag pole tips is an important step to avoid the flagpole tip from curling up into a different shape than it originally did. Painting of the pole tips also helps give the flag a more professional look. Most flagpoles are made from aluminum or another metal, which can be painted easily. These metal poles are often referred to as “city” poles.

Flag pole tips also need to be protected from the elements. To keep the tip of the flagpole from bending, a rain gutter guard system may be installed. Water can weigh quite a bit, especially on a flag pole. To keep the flagpole from losing its color when it is raining, the guard system may be attached to the flagpole with hooks. This will keep the color of the flagpole bright and uniform even in heavy rain.

When installing flag pole tips, extra care should be taken. If the flagpole is too weak, it may shatter rather than being securely fastened to the ground. Strong poles should be bolted to the ground with extra strong bolts.




The material used for flag pole tips should be chosen carefully. Aluminum flag pole tips are the most common, and they are usually light and can be pricked up and reused again. Metal poles are usually galvanized to avoid rusting and to last longer. Brass is another common metal used for pole tips. It is very durable and holds up well to high winds.

After choosing the material, the actual shape of the flagpole should be chosen. Usually the flagpole is circular, but there are some exceptions. You can choose circular, octagonal, and other odd shapes. In this way you can be more creative when putting your flag up. Remember that you want your flag to stand out in the crowd. Making your flag look unique and colorful will make it stand out in an amazing way.

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