Great Tips for Designing Your Home

DIY is very much associated with a do-it-yourself mentality, especially when it comes to home decorating

However, one must keep in mind that the entire process is not at all a walk in the park and if you think you can do it on your own, then you are mistaken. There are certain things that you need to consider before you even attempt to decorate your home. As you know well, doing the interior designing on your own can be really fun and it is even more enjoyable if you get a chance to show off what you’ve done. So, here are some of the must-haves of DIY home decorating that you should definitely include in your list.

Color Palette: . This is a great way to experiment and see which type of colors would look great together. It is very important that you use a colour palette so as to create harmony and balance in your space.

Choosing a colour palette is an important step in deciding on the style of your room decorating

Combination: Another great way to decorate your home style is by using a combination of different elements. For instance, if you have your furniture arranged in a traditional way, then you can try to add modern elements like a chandelier, lamps, and other such accessories. Same goes for your walls, curtains, rugs and etc. You can also try to decorate your home decoration with combination of different textures. For instance, you can decorate your home with beautiful wooden furniture but embellish it with wooden floor mats, wall stickers and so on.

Inspiration: Inspirations from books and magazines are always useful for planning to decorate your home. However, if you feel like trying something out, then you can draw inspiration from the latest trend on the internet or even television shows. Keep in mind that you should never copy or imitate somebody else’s choice. Decorating your home is a personal affair and you shouldn’t feel like copying what someone else has done.

Thrift store and yard sales can be good sources for doing up your home decorating project

This is especially helpful if you have large items to decorate. With so many thrift shops around, you can be sure to find one that is selling old China, picture frames, or any other small items you might find useful. Yard sales and DIY stores are another great sources for cheap but useful accessories. But if you feel like you don’t have the time to go to these places for your DIY needs, then a few hours spent browsing on the internet can help you with your home decorating project.

Feng Shui: Last but not least, if you want to give a new and fresh look to your house, you need to incorporate some Feng Shui principles in your interior and exterior design. According to the art of Feng Shui, interior design, which is done using only the five elements is called xiaojie, while interior design that includes both xiaojie and yi to form an entire design is called Feng Shui. By employing the five elements of water, wood, fire, metal and rock into your home decorating designs, you can make changes to your home interior according to your taste and lifestyle. In addition, it is also important to remember that Feng Shui isn’t something which is applicable only for commercial buildings and homes. It is also applicable for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other establishments which are open to the public.

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