Moldavite Crystal – Moldavite Crystals Found In Nature

moldavite crystal

Moldavite crystal is a rare and exotic type of silicate mineral that contains oxygen and hydrogen. Because of the higher melting point of the silicates, these crystals have been found in many places such as the United States, Turkey and Switzerland. Not only does this mineral contain oxygen and hydrogen, but also it also has silver in addition to the other properties.


This crystal formation was discovered way back in 1960. Scientists were surprised when they found out that the crystals had a nearly perfect regularity which is unlike any other known type of crystal formations. It has also been found to contain high levels of radiation and ultraviolet rays. This means that the crystal formations are relatively unstable compared to common crystal formations found in nature. In fact, these rare and exotic types of crystal formations have the potential to be much more valuable than other crystals.

One of the main uses of the moldavite crystal formation is for building artificial islands. This is because the crystals are very lightweight. However, they have the tendency to float when exposed to strong winds. This makes them ideal for use as scaffolding or rafts. When they are added to concrete, they become a safer and stronger material that can be used to reinforce concrete joints without weakening the overall structure of the concrete.


Moldavite crystal formations have also been used in jewelry for creating beads and pendants. These crystal beads have been found to have a unique color that is very unusual. Most of the beads found in nature have been found to be green, blue or white. The color variations found in these crystal formations have led to them being named as “Quantum beads”.

This crystal is also used in the construction of telescopes and mirrors. In fact, this crystal is so rare that it is only accessible in special laboratories. Some people even consider it to be a disease as it can only be found in very few places. It is important to know that this crystal is a closed system. Therefore, it does not have any air-borne molecules that would cause it to expand and contract.

Moldavite crystal formations are used in a variety of fields. They are also known to be resistant to a wide range of temperatures. In fact, they are commonly used as roofing tiles, stones and roofing materials. This crystal is also known to help reduce noise and vibration at a great distance. They have also been proven to improve the properties of electrical systems, telecommunications systems and aircraft landing surfaces.

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