Rifles and Pistols Are Still Indispensable

Tactical armor comes in a variety of configurations to fit

There are several options available for your tactical rifle armor needs. Each system is fully customizable and comes with one plate carrier along with two hard armor plates for rapid reaction to the arrival of police. Selecting your rifle armor depends on what type of tactical rifle you have, the size of the weapon, and what protective materials you require to complete mission goals without fatalities. Many styles of body armors are available and include integral features such as extra space for a tactical magazine, modular attachment points for attachment of other tactical gear, interchangeable backstraps/hinges, universal attachments for a variety of rifles, scopes/sight sets, lasers, laser pointers, handheld communications devices, etc.

Most systems are made of heavy duty polymers but there is a new generation of pistol armor that provides more protection and is a lot lighter weight than its predecessors. This new armor material is extremely durable and will provide superior protection to your pistol than any other type of bullet proof vest on the market today. This type of pistol armor is called pistol armor idea.

Rifle armor is a system that protects your rifle

From damage by dispersing a spray of armor fragments onto the perpetrator’s face or body. These fragments will not pass through soft skin, nor will they be affected by most coatings/coating materials. This is essential in protecting you against injury because even the smallest caliber round will often penetrate anything it can reach, including your less protected body armor plates! Rifle armor is a great option because of the dispersal ability and because of its weight. Any experienced shooter will tell you that the heavier the armor, the better the protection and many carriers will allow you to upgrade to higher armor plates as your rack grows.

The dispersal of Rifle armor will also prevent the penetration of small arms fire that is used to stop attacks or subdue attackers. Just because you are carrying a large caliber rifle or pistol does not mean that you are protected from every scenario. Even with the best protective clothing and weapons, you are likely to be shot at or approached by a determined attacker who has many rounds of rifle ammunition. For military personnel and other personnel that are frequently in harm’s way, being shot with multiple rounds of rifle ammunition can often mean the difference between life and death. By having proper protection, you will not have to worry about your rifle rounds chipping flesh or piercing your body armor.

use lightweight materials which make them extremely easy to install

For people considering a purchase of this type of armor, one option that is becoming popular is the use of lightweight armor. In the past, military personnel and other law enforcement personnel used heavy duty armor plates but because of their massive size, the transfer of that armor was difficult. The current armor solutions use lightweight materials which make them extremely easy to install. Many companies now offer this type of armor and if you are interested in purchasing one, you should take a closer look at these products.

If you want high quality armor for everyday use, you should check out our selection of arquets that provide maximum protection. Each plate is designed with soft rubber or laminate plates, which are extremely durable and easily repaired when damaged. For added protection, we also offer an extensive selection of hard-plate solutions. These products offer high levels of self-protection as well as the higher level of wear and tear resistance of soft armor. No matter what the type of situation you find yourself in, there is a solution that is right for you. You can trust the expertise of an armor industry specialist to guide you through the process of selecting the best option for your needs.

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