The Dangers of Blue Light

Dangers Of Blue Light: Why Do You Need To Protect Your Eyes?

Are you still using your iPhone in the sunlight? If you are then you must be aware of the dangers of blue light. Have you ever looked at the screen of your iPhone and seen the reflection of a sunburned man in half-glasses trying to use his iPhone in the sunlight? No! But that man was not using his iPhone – he was lying in bed at night while the sunlight burned his skin.


Now if you were one of those people

who did not have to look at their iPhones in the sunlight because they had already accepted their fair skin, well, congratulations – you’re smarter than me. Not only did you ignore the fact that your phone was not being used in the sunlight, but you even made a point to wear non-prescription (blue light blocking glasses) eyeglasses to cover your burned eyes. How dare you? How could you possibly be so trusting of your safety?


Anyway, back to your iPhones and the blue light exposure.

Did you know that the iPhone has a special filter that reduces blue light exposure by up to 95%? Did you know that it also increases the efficiency with which the iPhone uses the cell phone’s battery? Did you know that if you are fond of reading books on your iPhone that you do not have to use your finger to hold down the home button on your iPhone for ten seconds to read a book? Did you know that you can use your eye to unlock your phone?


Did you know that these special filtering lenses do not come cheap?

They are expensive, yes, but they are also accompanied by a host of other positive features such as the anti-glare feature, the anti-scratch feature, and the water-resistant feature. So, you see, there is no reason why you should not splurge on these things. They have many benefits but they also have a slew of disadvantages as well. And we shall now briefly look at them.


The main disadvantage of using blue-light-blocking lenses

is that it causes eye strain. In case you didn’t already know, it is quite easy to strain the eyes; especially if you are working on something for an extended period. If you have trouble focusing on objects, you will also suffer from eye strain. The good thing, however, is that this is not permanent. Once the iPhone has detected that it has caught blue light, the automatically adjusting anti-glare filter will help reduce the eye strain caused by the sunlight.


However, there is one more issue related to blue light blocking lenses

that many people tend to overlook. There is a chance that this technology may not be right for your eyes. It is only recently that more information about the issue of harming the eyes has come to light. The good news, however, is that this issue can easily be resolved. There are several technologies available that will help to ensure that the eyes are safe even during times when blue light may cause serious harm to them.

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