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the most common form of truck accidents

Causes of Truck Accidents

Rear-end truck accidents are the most common form of commercial truck accidents. According to Federal statistics, about eighteen percent of all large commercial truck accidents are rear-ended collisions. The most common rear-end truck accident occurs when the back of a moving large truck collision with another vehicle or other automobile in front of it. Rear-end collisions are more likely to occur at night or when traffic is heavy.


Any accident involving a vehicle and an automobile tends

to have severe consequences. But, the financial losses can be particularly harsh if the rear-end collisions result in fatalities or injuries. Listed below are some of the financial consequences if the accident causing the fatality or injury occurs at night or on a busy highway or interstate. If you are a truck driver, your trucking company may be liable for damages resulting from a rear-end collision. Your company may also be liable for damages resulting from an accident involving a truck that is being operated on a public road.


Rear-end collisions are most frequent among large commercial truck

, which are typically carrying large loads. Roadway congestion makes it safer for large trucks to use turnarounds in many cases, rather than backing up. But, in the past, some truck drivers have been reckless when using turnarounds to make turns, leading to crashes. Rear-end collisions often lead to serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities.


The most obvious consequence of rear-end collisions

is death or serious physical injury. In these cases, victims can claim monetary damages from trucking companies, even if they were not at fault. In addition to monetary damages, victims of rear-end collisions can claim pain and suffering, which are the actual emotional pain and anguish suffered as a result of the crash. Some states also allow the claims to include funeral expenses. Other states allow passengers and pedestrians who are hit by commercial trucks to sue for personal injuries and property damage.


As the cost of large commercial vehicles continues to rise

more people are seriously injured every year in truck accidents. In the last decade, the number of truck accidents has more than quadrupled, compared to car accidents. The majority of truck accidents occur when large commercial vehicles are moving in opposite directions, instead of in front of each other. For example, a tractor-trailer is traveling in the left-hand lane of a two-lane highway, when it hits a utility pole and a car, which are in the right lane.


Another common cause of truck accidents

involves passenger cars. Commercial trucks often rear-end passenger cars, which are on the road waiting for a green light to go ahead. It is not uncommon for large trucks to roll over passengers’ cars, causing severe injury and sometimes death. However, in many states, trucks and car drivers are required to carefully watch each other. Many states have laws mandating that both driver and passenger cars are equipped with seat belts, and if either is involved in a traffic accident, the truck driver is often required to take appropriate precautions and pull over to the side of the road.

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