Types of Writing Pens – What Are Your Options?

choosing a pen that you can use

If you’ve ever owned a pen then you’ll know that there’s more to picking out a fine writing tool than just the sort of ink that goes into it. The choice of ink, the shape and weight of the pen, all have to do with choosing a pen that you can use with confidence. And as far as writing is concerned the choices tend to become even more important once you start considering the uses for those pens in your daily life. After all, if you’re writing down some important notes for work or school, you’re going to need something that feels comfortable in your hand and doesn’t cause any trouble when you’re holding it.

Most people find that fountain pens are the right choice for everyday writing, providing they’re purchased from a reputable supplier and the ink flows smoothly. The most comfortable pens have some things in common: they’re both fairly small in size and smooth, they almost always come with a leather or rubber grip, and they almost always offer some degree of ink flow. And while there may be some exceptions, generally speaking most popular pens tend to have a 0.5mm or smaller tip, which is just small enough to still write clearly but big enough to read comfortably. These are also great for writing down phone numbers, mobile phone numbers and other small details so that you don’t need to worry about smudging the information when you write it down.

pen are worth it for professional uses

Now, if you tend to be more of a planner or calligrapher, then the choices can become a little trickier. To make things easier we have the roller ball point and gel pens. As the name suggests, the roller ball pen has a round ball on the end that you use to push the ink through when you’re writing. These sort of pens are good for heavy text work and for marking things such as maps, price tags, labels and envelopes, and although they do tend to cost a little more than the ballpoint varieties, they are worth it for professional uses.

Gel pens, as their name suggests, are like rollerball pens only they have tiny balls of gel under the ball itself. These little balls of gel allow you to write on them just like a rollerball ball would, and as the gel gets soaked it spreads the colour far wider than a rollerball pen would. These pens are less messy to use, they’re not nearly as smudging, and if you want to write on a white piece of paper (or anything else with a high degree of clarity) they’re perfect. If you tend to write a lot in your work environment, these are probably best for you as they are mess-proof, easy to clean, and with a very high level of ink flow they never run out of ink.

pen that you’re going to choose

In addition to the roller ball and gel pens, you also have an array of options when it comes to the types of pen that you’re going to choose. You have fountain pens, mechanical pencils, water-based liquid inks, and oil-based liquid inks; these are all viable choices when choosing a pen, but there is one that is especially unique, and that is the calliglass pen. These pens are generally a fine point pen that has an inked plate on the end, and since there is actually metal running through the plates it is impossible for dirt or grime to be trapped within the inks (thus eliminating the smudging problem).

The final category we’re going to discuss are called erasable pens. These pens are great for those who like to write in a specific style, such as calligraphy or computer lettering. The way that these pens work is that you can turn the barrel of the pen upwards or downwards. This means that you simply put your pen down straight (no sloping upwards or downwards) and write. They are generally not cheap pens, but if you like to write with specific styles you may find that this is the option for you.

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