What Are The Different Aspects Of Marketing?


Business marketing is an advertising practice of businesses or individuals. It lets them sell their products or service to other businesses or organizations which resells them, uses them in their product or service or uses them as part of their marketing strategy. It is usually a powerful means to market business and boost profit also. The main aim of business marketing is to let the general public know of what products or services a certain company or business offers, who they are, and how it could help them.

Types of Marketing

There are many different types of marketing strategies practiced by businesses and marketing experts like Internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, print advertising and promotions, brand name promotion, sales promotion, direct mail marketing and others. These practices have their own unique features, purposes and limitations. In line with these, each one has its own marketing goal and result. Some of the most common forms of business advertising include print advertising, television advertising, radio advertising, and other media advertising.

Print advertising is defined as the most basic form of marketing and it involves the distribution of materials through print media. Print advertising could be in the form of pamphlets, books, magazines, or other reading materials. It also depends on whom it is aimed at; for example, it could be directed at current customers or potential customers. It defines marketing in the broadest sense, because it doesn’t solely rely on any one customer relationships.


Digital marketing on the other hand, refers to new and innovative ways of engaging customers digitally. It usually involves creating new websites, apps, or other content that could be accessed by a user via their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device of choice. This kind of marketing strategy depends on the relationships built between various organizations and their clients. Digital marketing aims to strengthen existing customer relationships or create new ones. This makes it a non-invasive strategy that also incorporates technological aspects.

One aspect that businesses should definitely consider is promotional merchandising. Promotional merchandising is the process of marketing products to potential customers in order to increase business sales. These products could be anything like magnets, t-shirts, bags, pens, and other items that can be utilized as giveaways during business events. This is an important form of marketing, since it enables businesses to increase productivity and generates revenue that can go towards repaying debts and setting up future business.


The main goal of any business is its profitability. The more profit it makes, the more brand leverage it has. Leverage refers to the ability of a brand to increase customer needs and sales and the more it sells, the more it can distribute its brand’s value. Both these concepts are essential components of marketing.

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