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What You Need to Know About Biotrue Contact Lenses

Contact lenses were once quite inconvenient and often dangerous to wear, especially if they were really hard lenses that would cause dryness and even pain. However, today, soft contact lenses have been developed and are available at reasonable costs. These lenses offer many convenience features and options to those who simply want to wear contact lenses rather than having to wear eyeglasses. The contacts themselves are so comfortable that it has been said some people wear them throughout their life. There are also a wide variety of ways to care for your contact lenses so you can keep them as long as possible.


Comfort: When used correctly,

contact lenses are very comfortable and, with today’s advances in vision correction technology, are very comfortable as well. However, some people prefer not to wear contact lenses because they are either uncomfortable or there is some discomfort associated with them. In addition to the discomfort factor, many people find that they have to take extra steps to care for their contacts, such as placing them every few hours or applying an additional lubricant to reduce dryness. While this may seem like extra work, it actually helps to reduce discomfort because the ocular surface is not as thin and therefore more resistant to damage. Most of the time, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them, although you may notice how much clearer your vision is after some time.


Eye Care:

Eye doctors advise patients to wear contact lenses only when absolutely necessary and to follow the eye doctor’s instructions regarding cleaning, maintenance and care. Cleaning and caring for your contact lenses is easy, but it is essential to follow the recommendations closely. It is recommended that you rinse your eyes with warm salt water at least once daily, using the same solution you use to wash your hands. You should also use a good quality contact lens case to store your lenses and to carry in your purse or pocket. If your eyes are dry and if you have any symptoms of infection, you should visit your eye doctor right away.


To promote healthy eyes

and to reduce dryness and irritation, it’s important to keep the contact lenses in good shape and properly cleaned. One of the most important aspects of proper cleaning is keeping the front surface of your cornea moist. This allows for easier drainage of excess oxygen supply to the front surface of your eyes.



Biotrue contacts will last approximately three months before they will begin to break down. They will continue to work properly for the first three months of use before requiring replacement. There have been few studies performed comparing biotrue to traditional lenses and these studies show that biotrue users have a slight benefit in terms of reduced dryness compared to those who wear traditional lenses. Some studies also show a slight increase in the speed with which tears are replaced, but this benefit is very minor.


Please contact your eye

care professional if you notice any changes to your eyes after using biotrue for three months. Your eye doctor can perform an evaluation to confirm the use of contact lenses and to inform you of any possible side effects that may occur. Please contact your eye care professional if you experience pain, redness, or an allergic reaction to biotrue. In most cases, these reactions are not permanent and will disappear as the body adjusts to the new contact lenses.

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